Do you use Alfalfa Flour?

Category: Healthy Home

From first planting to final bottling, Shaklee utilizes every safeguard to help protect the freshness of the natural alfalfa plant.  For example, Shaklee alfalfa is grown without pesticides, herbicides or […]

I wasn’t ready.

Category: Healthy Home

Who is ever ready for getting sick…..right?!? Well, actually, I usually have some arsenals in my “medicine” chest for those few times a year when I feel something coming on. […]

Ever sent an “Idiot Letter?”

Category: Healthy Baby

I know you have experienced it too.  Conflicting or contradicting information about something.  An easy example of that happened yesterday as we were driving over to Hilo. Already about 30 […]

Journaling Writer’s Block

Category: Gifts

I don’t you about you and how you feel about journaling. For me, it is something I have wanted to do for quite some time…..and just had that writer’s block […]

Don’t Do A Cleanse

Category: Healthy Nutrition

I see it everywhere on social media. Is this a craze or a trend? Believe me, I am not opposed to doing a cleanse. And yes, I have done some […]

What the Beegeebers are CPR Kits??

Category: Cards

Christmas is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Holiday! I love to decorate.  I love all the colors and the sparkling lights all around.  To me…..there’s magic in the air!  Without losing sight of the […]